Peter Molesworth—Writer, Filmmaker, Translator


Photograph by Bao Ngo

About Peter

Peter is a Jewish Italian-American writer, actor, filmmaker & translator based in Brooklyn, New York. He holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Drama from New York University. His work excavates personal, platonic and sexual intimacy, while reckoning with themes of grief, shame, sexuality, and gender.

Recently, Peter and his longtime collaborator Madeline Mahoney were awarded Best Writer & Best Comedy in the Digital Short Series competition at SeriesFest 2023 for their short film, Pear. The film also screened at Nashville Film Festival, FilmQuest, and Flickers’ Rhode Island’s Vortex Festival. Together, Peter & Madeline write sketch for the New Rory and Mal podcast.

Peter’s debut short film fix premiered at the 2019 Tacoma Film Festival and on NoBudge where it won Audience Favorite in March 2020.

Peter has translated artist interviews for Italian artists writing for English audiences and exhibition catalogues for Villa La Pietra in Florence.

Recent acting credits include: Charlie in Pear (2022), Connor in How to Catfish Your Ex (2023), Daniel in Fix (2020). 

He is a dual citizen of Italy and the United States, fluent in both Italian and English.